Obtain New Drivers License

Getting your first drivers license in North Carolina is accomplished in several levels for those under the age of 18. First comes the permit and driver education, but there are more steps to complete before you get your license for the first time. Let’s look at the process, so you will know what to expect as you get started.

After the Permit

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements for your permit, held it for a year without any convictions during the past 6 months for traffic violations, seat belt, or cell phone usage, you are well on your way to getting your official driver’s license. You must pass a road driving test, and show proof of liability coverage. Finally, you will need to complete a driving log, which is a record of your driving practice with a supervised driver. Only 10 hours a week can count for the required 60 hours, so it will take at least 6 weeks to accomplish this. Also, 10 of the 60 hours must be night driving.


The restrictions for a level 2 limited provisional license are as follows:

  • Unsupervised driving is only permissible from the hours of 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. or any hours when going to or from work.
  • There are no hourly restrictions when driving with a supervisor who meets the same criteria set for the acquisition of your permit.
  • Only one passenger under the age of 21 may be in the vehicle with you when you are driving unsupervised.
  • Use of mobile phones or other mobile devices are forbidden while driving.

Full Provisional License

This is the real thing, carrying with it all of the responsibilities of a fully licensed driver. You will no longer need a supervisor when driving, and there are no restrictions on passengers. You will need to have kept your level 2 provisional license in good standing for 6 months, but then you can apply for this last step of the process. Be aware that even now, cell phones or other mobile devices are not permitted to be used while operating a motor vehicle in the state of North Carolina.

Another Reason to Stay in School

Students under 18 who are even tempted to drop out of high school need to realize that the State of North Carolina will revoke your license if you do so. Not only that, but if you are suspended from school or sent to an alternative school for more than 10 days, you lose your license. Knowing this ahead of time provides a great deal of incentive to stay in school, and avoid any type of disciplinary problem.

Stay Informed

Now that you know a lot about driver’s licenses, having gone from the permit state to the full-blown license, it is important to keep up with any changes that may occur. For example, if you move anywhere within the state, you will need to change your address on your driver’s license. If you should ever move out of state, you will need to learn what that state’s rules are about getting a license. If you simply lose your driver’s license, you will need to apply for and pay for a replacement license. Taking care of your driving record and your driver’s license will make things a whole lot easier for you in the long run.