ID Card

An ID card can be an extremely useful form of photo identification and is often required for things such as job applications and opening a new bank account. There are three general steps for obtaining a North Carolina Identification Card:

Check Your Eligibility

The state of North Carolina (NC) has two general eligibility requirements that every person applying for an ID card must meet. The first is NC residence. There is no length of residency required; you just need to be able to show proof of your NC address. This means even people who have just moved to NC can be eligible. The second requirement is that you must not already have a NC driver’s license. There are no age parameters for obtaining an ID card. If you meet these two requirements, start to gather your documents together.

Gather Your Documentation

You must be able to provide proof of your social security number. This can be done with your social security card, pay stub (or payroll records), or IRS tax forms. You must also provide two documents proving your identity. Acceptable documents include your passport, birth certficate, or out-of-state identification card or driver’s license. If you are using your birth certificate, it must be the original or a certified copy. To prove you meet the residency requirement, you will need papers documenting your NC address. This can include your mortgage contract, rental agreement, utility bill, or vehicle registration card. With proof of your social security number, residency documents, and identity paperwork (two separate forms), you should have four documents gathered together. It will help the process go smoother if you have all these documents ready to go before starting your application.

Complete Your Application

NC does not allow ID card applications to be done online or by mail; you must visit your local NC Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office in person. Bring your four documents and the thirteen dollar fee to complete the application. DMV offices do not accept credit or debit cards. The fee must be paid with cash, personal check, or money order. If you are over the age of seventy, homeless (with documentation from a facility providing services to you), or legally blind, the application fee will be waived. Limited purpose ID cards used only for voting can be obtained free of charge. If you wish to obtain this type of card, you must also bring proof of your age showing you are old enough to vote.

It is important to keep your ID up to date. Remember to check your mail regularly for a reminder from the NC DMV when your card is about to expire. To renew your ID, you must visit the DMC office in person. The office will require the $13 fee again. However, if your card is lost or stolen you can apply for a replacement online. If you need to change your name on your card, this must also be done in person. Remember to bring proof of your new name, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.