Drivers License Change of Address

The state of North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles makes it easy for you to change the address on your driver’s license or ID card. All you have to do is access their website at and click on change of address. You will need to have your current driver license or ID card ready as well as your social security number. Provide your email address for the receipt, pay the fee, which is $13, and you will be all set

Residents of North Carolina who move within the state are also required to update your vehicle registration. Both your drivers’ license and vehicle registration are required to be updated within 60 days of the day you move. The cost for changing the address on the vehicle registration is $20. This is also the procedure to use if your registration card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed.

If you find you do not qualify to change your address online, you will need to do so in person. The fee is the same, and you will need to have the same information with you when you change your address in person.

Payment Forms

If you are able to change the address on your driver license online, you must pay with either a credit or debit card. There are more options when paying in person, including check, money order, and cash. Your check must be either drawn on a bank located in North Carolina or if it is an out-of-state bank, they must have a branch in North Carolina.

Penalties for Not Changing Your Address

If you have not changed the address on your driver’s license and registration card and get pulled over, you may be looking at a fine. Since it is so easy to do so, and only costs a moderate fee, you don’t want to neglect this task.

Other Things You Can Do on the NC DMV Website

While you are changing your address online, spend some time on the website, and learn about all the other things you can do online. No one likes to spend their lunch hour at the DMV, and you can avoid the wait and still take care of important tasks. For instance, you can:

Download forms – If you need a handicap parking permit, you can download the form at home, take it to your doctor, and then mail or take it into your local service center with the appropriate fee. This is just one example. There are many forms on the website.

Access a fee list –There is a list of fees on the website that you can look at so you will know how much a certain action will cost before you go to the DMV.

Find Your Local Office – If you do have to go into the office for something, the website has an easy search function so that you can locate your local office.

Order a Customized Plate – This is probably the one fun thing you can do on this website, and it beats standing in line at the DMV. You can personalize, order, and pay for your specialized plate here. The late fee is $30 and the personalization fee is also $30.

Visit the website today, and see for yourself how easy it is to change your address on your driver’s license in North Carolina.