Change Vehicle Registration Name

In North Carolina, when you legally change your name, that name change must be reported to both the Social Security Administration and the Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles. The following will walk you through how to complete a name change on your North Carolina vehicle’s title and registration.

Inform the SSA First

Before you can change the name on your vehicle title or driver’s license, you need to report your name change to the Social Security Administration. Name changes can be done by mail or in person, but they cannot be done online. You’ll need to bring your Application for a Social Security Card, your legal name change documents, proof of your identity, and proof of your U.S. citizenship.

After you change your name with the SSA, you should wait 36 hours before you change your name with the DMV. This allows the information to be updated in the government systems.

Changing the Name on Your Vehicle’s Title and Registration

Following your name change, you’ll have a 60 day period to change your vehicle registration. Before you can change the name on your vehicle documents, you’ll have to change the name on your North Carolina driver’s license.

To change the name on your ID, you’ll need to visit your DMV office yourself. License name changes cannot be completed by mail or online. You’ll need to bring your current license, your legal name change documents, and cash or a money order to cover the thirteen dollar fee.

Once you’ve obtained your updated NC driver’s license, you can update your title and registration. This can either be done in person at the DMV office or by mail. Title name changes cannot be completed online.

The following documents are necessary for your vehicle registration requirement:

  • The updated driver’s license which shows the new name
  • Legal name change documents (a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or documented proof from the Register of Deeds or the courts that your name has been changed)
  • The vehicle’s original title
  • A Corrected or Substituted Title Application form that has been filled out and notarized, with the odometer reading if the vehicle is less than ten years old
  • If the vehicle has any liens, a completed lien release
  • $20 in cash, money order, or check to pay the fee


You should take these documents to your local DMV office. You can also mail them to the following address:

N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles

3148 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27697


Your updated registration and title will come through the mail. If you need more information, you should contact your local DMV’s office.

Name Change Fees in NC

The following DMV fees will be applied:

  • $13 for the driver’s license or ID card
  • $20 for the registration card and vehicle title

You can expect to pay a total of $33.

The following payment methods are accepted by the North Carolina DMV:

  • Cash
  • A valid money order
  • A personal check drawn from a NC bank, along with personal identification

No North Carolina DMV office will accept a credit or debit card.