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Obtain New Drivers License

Getting your first drivers license in North Carolina is accomplished in several levels for those under the age of 18. First comes the permit and driver education, but there are more steps to complete before […]

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Reinstate Suspended License

Avoiding license suspension will save you a lot of time, money, and trouble, but if your license is suspended, you should know how to have it reinstated so you can begin working toward that goal. […]

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Renew Drivers License

How to Renew a License in North Carolina Without being renewed, a drivers license does not last forever. If you are a resident of North Carolina and a licensed driver, you are required to renew […]


Replace Drivers License

Your driver’s license is a crucial document that you can’t function in the world without having. You’ll have a difficult time proving your identity, and you could get a ticket if you drive without it. […]


ID Card

An ID card can be an extremely useful form of photo identification and is often required for things such as job applications and opening a new bank account. There are three general steps for obtaining […]


Drivers License Change of Address

The state of North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles makes it easy for you to change the address on your driver’s license or ID card. All you have to do is access their website at […]